Sabrina in our iconic Lillian Dress!

Sabrina Sikora (@sabrinasikora)

From small town Georgia to the bright lights of NY and HK, Sabrina has worked with some of fashion’s most famous faces and brands. After being directed by Tom Ford, gracing the pages of Vogue and strutting down the runway, Sabrina has gone from being in front of the camera to behind the lens, becoming one of the best photographers in town.

“That is what I enjoy most – shooting with someone who is rarely photographed and watching the light spread across their face when they see the raw images on the back of the camera. Few people know just how beautiful they really are. I hope to capture that and show it back to them.- Sabrina Sikora

On Sabrina: The Lillian Dress, which is now sold out and only available for rent at Yee Choo! If you really want one, try contacting us by email!

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