Laurel, the NatGeo Explorer, in our Camilla Dress!

Laurel Chor (@laurelchor)

Laurel Chor is the Founder of the Hong Kong Explorers Initiative and was previously named a National Geographic Young Explorer and an ambassador for the Jane Goodall Institute HK. Through her organization, Laurel devotes her time to encouraging people to explore the outdoors and raising awareness and appreciation of wildlife.

In 2013, Laurel was named a National Geographic Young Explorer. The following year, she was appointed by Dr. Jane Goodall to be an ambassador for her institute in Hong Kong. She is also on the board of the Hong Kong Shark Foundation and a member of the Explorers Club.

As a photographer and a writer, she is currently Associate Editor of Coconuts Hong Kong, a news and lifestyle website, and also leads wildlife tours in Africa for WANT Expeditions.

"The thing about living in a small city is that you do have a voice. Some people underestimate the power of that voice." - Laurel Chor

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