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May Chow (@littlebaomay), Chef/ Owner of Little Bao Hong Kong (@littlebaohk)

Though Little Bao has been opened since 2013, there is still a line that begins to form at 6pm on the dot along Bridges Street. Born in Canada, May Chow was brought up in Hong Kong, and her Chinese roots play a huge part in her cooking. After studying at Boston University, Chow interned at the now defunct Great Bay restaurant in Boston before moving back to Hong Kong and working at Bo Innovation and Yardbird. Her burger-style baos gained popularity when she snagged a spot at Island East Markets in 2012, and opened Little Bao soon after. Diners will often find Chow in the kitchen, perfecting dishes and chatting with customers.

May was named Asia's Best Female Chef 2017! Round of applause~

"I'm an extroverted person so I'm very vocal about what I need. I ensure we have clear steps for all tasks so that all my staff know their role and duties." - May Chow


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