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@littlebaomay in our #SleepDeprived T-shirt~

May Chow (@littlebaomay), Chef/ Owner of Little Bao Hong Kong (@littlebaohk) Though Little Bao has been opened since 2013, there is still a line that begins to form at 6pm on the dot along Bridges Street. Born in Canada, May Chow was brought up in Hong Kong, and her Chinese roots play a huge part in her cooking. After studying at Boston University, Chow interned at the now defunct Great Bay restaurant in Boston before moving back to Hong Kong and working at Bo Innovation and Yardbird. Her burger-style baos gained popularity when she snagged a spot at Island East Markets in 2012, and opened Little Bao soon after. Diners will often find Chow in the kitchen, perfecting dishes and chatting...

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When Sara meets Sarah... Quest for Beauty meets Be Inspired!

Sara Melotti (@saramelotti_) Sara Melotti is a fashion photographer who was born and raised in Italy and now based in New York. Sara founded Quest for Beauty (@questforbeauty.co), a project for social change.  Since childhood she had an interest in the arts and pursued a career in contemporary dance that, after finishing art school in Italy, allowed her to travel the world. After a back injury forced her to stop dancing she received a Canon DSLR as a gift and discovered her love for photography. Just two years since she arranged her first shoot, Sara has developed a large portfolio, and had shot professionally for magazines and commercial clients in London, New York, Milan, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Her passion...

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Passion for Education.. Agnes Kong, Co-Founder of The Open Classroom

Agnes Kong, Co-Founder of The Open Classroom Agnes Kong is Co-Founder of The Open Classroom and a few other education ventures, Agnes started her career in Finance after graduating from Yale University summa cum laude and phi beta kappa in three years. She received her MBA from Harvard Business School and has worked for prominent investment banks and private equity firms, including Goldman Sachs (New York), J.P. Morgan (Hong Kong), IFC World Bank (Washington, DC), and the Carlyle Group (Hong Kong). Although Agnes’ professional experience has been focused on finance, she has always been passionate about education. With her local and Western educational background, she designed a curriculum combining the strengths of both systems. Her professional experience further enabled her to incorporate...

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Introducing Icy Lin - full-time banking professional, yoga instructor & mama!

Icy Lin (@yofit_mama) Full time Wall Street banking professional, part time yoga and fitness instructor, Icy has a very unusual combination of identities. Yoga has become an indispensable part of her life, offering balance to her demanding work.  What motivates Icy to teach yoga despite of her hectic job is her strong desire to share the healing and transforming power of yoga with more people. "I truly believe yoga is for everyone. Every person is stronger than he/ she thinks. Yoga helps you explore your potential. Even if you don't feel it yet, there is no need to rush because yoga is a life-long journey. Integrate yoga to your daily life and be patient for the transformation to happen." - Icy Lin...

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When love for fashion turns into a business...

Yen Kuok (@yenskiboo) Yen is the Founder of Guiltless.com, an Asia-based luxury consignment website which answers to every fashionista’s dilemma to reconcile their love of fashion with lack of closet space. A fashion addict with the skill to seek out the best deals, she left her career in real estate to champion sustainable fashion over fast fashion. Her personal style? All things embellished and quirky. "Rather than chasing every season's trends, I think it's important to be inspired by your own taste and style, for a closet that is not only sustainable, but unique. Don't be afraid to discover your own look, and own it!" - Yen Kuok On Yen:  The Greta Dress

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