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Thierry Chow (@thierrychow)

Arguably one of Hong Kong’s coolest Feng Shui gurus, Thierry Chow is both the apprentice and daughter of renowned and well-respected Feng Shui master Mr. Chow Hon-ming, who has been practicing Feng Shui for over 30 years. 

Thierry graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Illustration from Sheridan College in Toronto, Canada, and has worked on various design projects. She started learning Feng Shui from her father since 2011.

Combining her passion in design and Feng Shui, she founded TRE, a contemporary Feng Shui concept that provides a new outlook and creative ideas to modernize Feng Shui with a 21st century approach.

"I believe Feng Shui isn't about being accurate, it's about being guided through challenges." - Thierry Chow

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