When Sara meets Sarah... Quest for Beauty meets Be Inspired!

Sara Melotti (@saramelotti_)

Sara Melotti is a fashion photographer who was born and raised in Italy and now based in New York. Sara founded Quest for Beauty (@questforbeauty.co), a project for social change. 

Since childhood she had an interest in the arts and pursued a career in contemporary dance that, after finishing art school in Italy, allowed her to travel the world.

After a back injury forced her to stop dancing she received a Canon DSLR as a gift and discovered her love for photography.

Just two years since she arranged her first shoot, Sara has developed a large portfolio, and had shot professionally for magazines and commercial clients in London, New York, Milan, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Her passion for storytelling and her dancing background have strongly influenced her creative vision, which she describes as “soft, fresh, feminine... with a touch of romanticism.”

"I travel to grow, to learn, to be more human, more humble. To feel more than lost than ever in the streets of an unfamiliar city and then find myself all over again. To feel alive, free, scared, excited, stunned, shocked, amazed, moved, touched, to feel anything at all. To find beauty, to find magic!" - Sara Melotti

On Sara: The Marie Dress

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