Black Knight, White Knight

Gloria VanderbiltNamed after one of famous heiress, socialite & designer Gloria Vanderbilt’s memoirs, Sarah Lai’s Fall Winter 2016/ 17 collection – “Black Knight, White Knight” – was first inspired by Richard Avedon’s portrait of Gloria Vanderbilt, taken in 1953. 

Richard Avedon, legendary American fashion and portrait photographer, once said, “Capable of a haunting plainness, she (Gloria Vanderbilt) can bloom like a dark little rose under the stimulus of an inspiration, a glance – or an idea” (May 1957). He later said, “Gloria is not always beautiful, but when her imagination is caught she becomes the most beautiul women” (January 1978).


Monochrome is a natural choice of color theme for Sarah Lai’s latest collection – “Black Knight, White Knight”. Classically modern, it embraces Sarah Lai label’s core essence of re-imagining the timeless elegance of the bygone era, while intertwining with the freedom of the modern day women. The graphic black and white stripes in the collection resonates the soul of the brand.

“As I reinvent my designs, my brand and myself over and over along the way, I slowly find my journey to self-confidence and independence,” says Sarah. “I hope each woman can be inspired by my designs, my story… bloom and be beautiful inside out.”

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