About Sarah Lai

Sarah Lai is an international fashion entrepreneur, born and raised in a traditional Chinese family in Hong Kong, with lineage to Shanghai’s luminous yesteryears. Inheriting her maternal grandmother’s exquisite taste and elegance, and her mother’s poise, sense of purpose and determination – she launched the eponymous Sarah Lai line of clothing in 2013.

Her fascination with fashion began as a child in her grandmother’s designer wardrobe – the impeccably tailored suits, colorful fluttery silk dresses, and anatomically prominent shoulder pads, projected such an aura of sophistication, femininity, and timeless refinement that deeply impressed her. At the same time, Sarah also received formal training in Chinese painting. Unbeknownst to her until a much later stage, these experiences, qualities and aesthetic sensibilities made profound impact on the young Sarah, laying the early foundation of the designer’s repertoire.

Since graduating from Cornell University in 2005, Sarah has pursued a career in finance, working at prestigious global financial institutions, all the while immersing herself in the fashion scene. As an aficionado of fine clothing, she struggled to find practical pieces that rekindled her appreciation of the old-world charm and femininity in the contemporary space. After taking short courses at Central St Martins in London, followed by extensive self-study, research and sketching, she re-discovered her inner talent and creativity, developing her debut collection that would address this void, forming the foundation of her label.

Born out of her desire to re-imagine the timeless elegance of the bygone era, the Sarah Lai label seeks to intertwine this quaint allure with the freedom and functionality of the modern day women’s wardrobe. Embodied with this design philosophy, the Sarah Lai collection is made specifically for contemporary and sophisticated women with the savoir vivre and cosmopolitan world-view, while embracing a timeless aesthetic of grace and refinement.

“Launching my own clothing brand is like realizing a dream that I never knew I had.”

– Sarah Lai

Sarah is wearing our Danielle Dress

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